Insulspan SIP roof assemblies contain less dimensional lumber. In wood-framed construction, a thermal bridge is created between the exterior of the building and the finished interior when insulation is interrupted by wood framing which also leaves more than 20% of the roof area uninsulated.

Insulspan SIP roof assemblies provide higher R-values than typical wood-framed construction alternates as there are significantly fewer thermal bridges.

The R-value of a roof is a measure of its ability to keep heat from flowing through it. Higher R-value for roofs means less heat loss and less energy needed for heating and cooling.

The Insulspan closed cavity roof design prevents air movement. In wood-framed construction, roof R-value is decreased by insulation gaps around wood framing and by settling of insulation. The continuous core of EPS insulation in an Insulspan SIP vastly reduces air leakage and heat loss, while also allowing better control of indoor air quality.

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