Residential solutions

Our insulation solutions are designed with residential renovation and new construction projects in mind. Rigorous testing ensures better fusion and density, resulting in increased energy efficiency and ongoing savings for homeowners. All of our products are GREENGUARD certified and manufactured responsibly, producing limited emissions and conserving water and energy.

Under a basement slab

Under a Basement Slab

Insulating under a basement slab with PlastiSpan® insulation provides continuous insulation, eliminating thermal bridging and increasing your total effective R-value. Create a comfortable, insulated space and increase your energy savings with under slab insulation.
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Hydronic floor heating system

Hydronic Floor Heating System

PlastiSpan® HD Hydronic Insulation is used as a component in radiant floor heating systems where uniform heat distribution is desired throughout a floor area. PlastiSpan® insulation ensures that heat loss will be minimized and the floor area will be warmed faster.
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Radon Guard

Radon Mitigation

Radon Guard® Insulation is a key component for radon mitigation systems. Radon Guard® insulation is the code compliant one-to-one replacement for the code-required 100 mm thick layer of granular material. This 2-in-one system insulates and protects the health of a home.
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Above Basement Slab insulation

Above a Basement Slab

Insulating above a basement floor with Plasti-Fab’s EPS insulation provides increased comfort and energy efficiency in a home. Save on energy bills with our easy to cut and install products that are available in various thicknesses to meet your insulation needs.
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Interior basement walls insulation

Interior Basement Walls

Using Plasti-Fab's EPS insulation as a continuous insulation layer over the interior surface of basement walls eliminates thermal bridges and ensures the wood frame wall will remain warmer for a more comfortable space while reducing energy bills.
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Exterior foundation walls insulation

Exterior Foundations

With its outstanding resistance to moisture absorption, PlastiSpan insulation provides dependable long-term thermal performance for exterior foundation walls. The use of exterior foundation insulation reduces the likelihood of frost heave under footings.
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Advantage ICF system

Advantage ICF System

Building with Advantage ICFs provides improved energy efficiency and effective thermal resistance. The Advantage system also provides a safe, quiet living solution (STC rating of >50) with reduced noise transmission and reduced air leakage in the home.
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Exterior sheathing insulation

Exterior Sheathing

In renovation or new construction applications Plasti-Fab EPS insulation applied as a continuous layer of exterior sheathing insulation on above-grade walls eliminates thermal bridging. This increases your R-value and reduces energy costs and increasing energy savings.
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Insulspan walls

Insulspan SIP Walls

Homeowners who choose SIPs are opting for a higher quality structure with increased energy efficiency that reduces their energy bills. Homeowners also benefit from a tight energy envelope which eliminates drafts and creates more consistent interior temperatures.
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Insulspan roofs

Insulspan SIP Roofs

Our SIP roof assemblies provide higher R-values with significantly fewer thermal bridges. The continuous core of EPS insulation in an Insulspan SIP vastly reduces air leakage and heat loss, while also allowing better control of indoor air quality.
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Cathedral ceiling insulation

Cathedral Ceilings

The roof of a home can be the source of a great deal of heat loss. This simple to install solution will improve energy efficiency and R-values by insulating the cathedral ceiling and adding comfort to the home while reducing your energy bills.
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