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DuroFloat® Billets
New option for eco-friendly dock construction

DuroFloat™ Billets is used in Lake Floats, Docks, Marinas, Rafts and Boathouses.

Plasti-Fab DuroFloat™ flotation billets consist of expanded polystyrene
(EPS) coated with an eco-friendly material that provides additional
resistance against abrasion and intermittent exposure to hydrocarbons.
Standard billet sizes are shown below providing flotation force as noted.

The closed cell billets are produced in a standard size of 10” x 20 “x 96 “
and can be used as a flotation medium for a variety of designs for docks,
marinas and rafts. Special sizes are available for custom floating

If DuroFloat® flotation billets are to be wrapped or covered for
storage outdoors with direct exposure sunlight, use opaque,
non-transparent wrap to avoid degradation of billets due to heat
buildup within wrap.

  • 8-foot-long billet for a more stable, nicer float
  • Marine barrier coating provides protection from mammals, aquatic life
    & weather
  • Resists punctures, water, UV rays and petroleum for low maintenance
    & long life
  • Marine barrier coating is eco-friendly

Billet Size - mm (in.) Weight - kg (lb) Volume - m3 ft3 Flotation Force - kg (lb)
254 x 508 x 2,440
(10 x 20 x 96 )
5.0 (11.1) 0.315 (11.11) 277 (611)
178 x 508 x 2,440
(7 x 20 x 96 )
3.5 (7.3) 0.220 (7.78) 194 (228)

*CAUTION: Plasti-Fab flotation billets are combustible and should be treated with care. Normal fire precautions and good housekeeping practices should be observed during construction. Avoid open flames, welding torches and high intensity lamps. Water fog, carbon dioxide, dry chemical or foam should be used as an extinguishing media.