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Sustainability Initiative

Why EPS? Because among all insulations available, EPS stands out as the greenest.

Both PlastiSpan and DuroFoam:

• Are hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) free
• Provide stable R-value (thermal protection) that does not diminish with age
• Do not support the growth of mold
• Are manufactured regionally so less fuel is used for transportation
• Do not adversely affect indoor air quality

Plasti-Fab’s EPS thermal insulation products, manufactured at plants across Canada, are used to help homeowners save energy and money. When applied to the exterior of the building envelope, Plasti-Fab EPS insulation will significantly reduce drafts and cold spots. For the weekend warrior, PlastiSpan and/or DuroFoam insulation are available in home improvement stores across Canada and come in 2’x 8’ or 4’x 8’ sheets, which are easy to handle and install. For added R-Value, each of these rigid insulation products is perfect for retrofitting basement and exterior walls, ceilings and floors.

Plasti-Fab makes all of its thermal insulation products without HCFCs, a chemical with ozone-depleting potential that can provide increased R-value for some insulation products initially. However, the HCFC in these products diminishes over time and the R-value deteriorates. The rigid closed-cell structure of DuroFoam and PlastiSpan insulation contains only air so the R-Value does not decrease with time and the insulation continues to save the same amount of energy year in and year out.

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Accessibility Policy and Customer Service Plan

Accessiblity Customer Service Plan
Accessibility Policy - Ontario

Ontario Toxics Reduction Act

Meeting Ontario’s T.R.A. Reporting Requirements

At PFB Corporation (parent company of Plasti-Fab Ltd.), we are concerned with the future of the planet and the effects that modern life styles may be having on climate change. PFB Corporation is committed to conducting our operations responsibly, mindful of the economic, environmental and social impacts of our operations. We have always placed environmental protection at the highest level of importance in our products, our processes and our practices. It is our intent to continue reducing our impacts on the environment that occur as a result of manufacturing energy saving insulation solutions for our customers.

Consistent with our ongoing sustainability reporting and to meet the regulatory requirements of Ontario’s Toxics Reduction Act, we provide the following public summary TRA reports for our Kitchener and Ajax facilities.

2016 Annual Public TRA Summary Report - Plasti-Fab Kitchener
2015 Annual Public TRA Summary Report - Plasti-Fab Kitchener
2014 Annual Public TRA Summary Report - Plasti-Fab Kitchener
TRA Plan Summary VOC - PF Kitchener 2013
TRA Plan Summary PM2 5 - PF Kitchener 2013

2016 Annual Public TRA Summary Report - Plasti-Fab Ajax
2015 Annual Public TRA Summary Report - Plasti-Fab Ajax
2014 Annual Public TRA Summary Report - Plasti-Fab Ajax
TRA Plan Summary VOC - PF Ajax 2013
TRA Plan Summary PM2 5 - PF Ajax 2013