About PlastiSpan®

PlastiSpan is a closed-cell expanded polystyrene insulation used in a wide variety of applications. This highly versatile product is utilized in rigid insulation, custom moulding, shape moulding, geofoam, packaging, EIFs along with other OEM and Processor integrations. The varying densities and types of PlastiSpan EPS range from R3.75 per inch to R4.7 per inch and compressive resistance materials from 10 psi up to 60 psi.

PlastiSpan insulation applied as continuous insulation over foundations, floors, walls and roofs eliminates thermal bridging, increasing your total effective RSI/R-value for increased energy-efficiency and reduced energy costs.

PlastiSpan insulation is a GreenGuard Gold certified product. Sustainable in both product and manufacturing, PlastiSpan is free of HCFCs, improves indoor air quality, and does not degrade over time.

The PlastiSpan® Difference

  • R-value PlastiSpan insulation maintains its R-value for the life of the product
  • Code-Listed PlastiSpan meets CAN/ULC-S701 & CCMC building code requirements
  • Best Value PlastiSpan insulation is the most cost-effective rigid insulation solution