Utility lines are usually placed below the expected penetration of frost into the soil in order to prevent freezing of the water in the lines. It is sometimes not possible to bury lines deep enough due to high water table, rocky outcrops, or soil conditions. Water lines for snow making equipment inevitably end up partially exposed to a freezing environment. Lines may also be in the active layer of permafrost, or for other reasons it is known they will be in a freeze zone. Under these conditions the pipe can be insulated with pipe covering at time of installation to increase the time the pipe can store still water before freezing.

Utility lines may freeze after installation due to underestimation of frost penetration or due to removal of some of the protective soil covering. It is possible to eliminate the problem next season by placing a layer of Plasti-Fab PlastiSpan insulation above the utility line but under the ground level to raise the frost line above the utility line. This system is not usable where the utility line is installed in the active layer of permafrost. The principle of insulating utility lines can also be applied to the insulation of manholes.

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