PlastiSpan® insulation board is ideal for use in wall and roof assemblies used to enclose cold storage space for cooling and/or storing food, flowers, and other commodities at temperatures ranging from normal room temperature 20ºC (68ºF) down to cryogenic temperatures -100ºC (-148ºF). As the surface temperature decreases, the quality of construction and care required becomes more critical.

PlastiSpan insulation is well suited for use as insulation of cold storage space because of its excellent thermal resistance, dimensional stability, chemical inertness and durability. As well, it is a plastic foam insulation with a closed cellular structure that provides low water vapour permeance and water absorption characteristics.

PlastiSpan insulation board is only one component in the construction. All components of construction as well as the mechanical equipment for cooling and/or humidifying must act together to achieve a system that will enclose space and hold it at the desired temperature for extended periods of time without any deterioration. For instance, it is recommended that any lumber incorporated into cold storage construction be pressure treated with wood preservative.

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